AirBorn FUN Tandem

Fun 160, 190, 220 – Floater

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As its name implies the glider will give you hours of fun whether you fly the dunes, coastal cliffs or thermals. The Fun is one of the easiest hang gliders to launch and land. The Fun will help pilots to build their confidence and hone their skill in all aspects of the sport. The Fun is a good first step glider for new students and many veteran pilots are also flying Funs. Searching for the perfect sand dune or competing in the floater class shows the versatility of the Fun. The 220 is a certified tandem hang glider.

* True Sky Floating handling and performance
* Exceptional sink rate
* Light Weight with 7075-T6 Airframe
* Carbon Fiber washout rods
* Virtually maintenance free 7075-T6 Battens
* Quick and easy assembly (flat or on the frame)
* Fun to fly on the coast and inland
* Easy to launch and land
* Easy to short pack.
* Ladder Hang Loop available for tandem operators.
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Fun 160 Fun 190 Fun 220
Round Down Tubes Standard Standard Not Available
Straight Base Tube Standard Standard Standard
Faired Down Tubes Not Available Not Available Standard
Speed Bar Option Option Option
Extras Available
Ladder Hang Loop 650 Not Available Not Available Yes





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